Data Security and Encryption Software
for Personal Information Protection.
Encrypt, Wipe or Erase Files.

IS Protector - Data Security and Encryption softwareIS Protector - encryption software, developed to securely protect confidential data iq option.

IS Protector encrypts data files, folders or disks on Hard drive, USB, Flash memory, Rewritable CD, DVD or Blu-Ray disk so no one can access your confidential information  except you.

Wipe Disk, Terminate Files and Folders you select with IS Protector using file termination algorithms selected by US Department of defense, Canadian RCMP, British and Russian special agencies,  so that no one can recover your confidential information if you must destroy it.

Data Security, Information Protection and Identity Theft Prevention IS more effective if you have all your confidential data securely encrypted. Encryption Software - IS Protector simplifies the data encryption procedure providing you with maximum information protection.

If your PC is lost, stolen or breached which could subject your information to unwanted scrutiny, IS Protector can permanently erase files or folders you pre-selected on your computer giving you confidence in knowing that YOUR INFORMATION SECURE FROM UNWANTED DATA RECOVERY.

Protect Personal Information

  • protect business information: clients, employees or partners list, sales reports, pricing, research, source codes, ...
  • protect private emails and address book iqoption
  • protect bank and credit cards information
  • protect medical history and family photos
  • protect chat and browser history
  • protect passwords and licenses

Use File Encryption or Remote File shredding for your Data File Security. Protect Any data that is related to your identity
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clients feedback
  • Jason Pilcher

    I left my laptop in a hotel in Montreal. Luckily I got it back, however someone tried to use it (a new account was created). That was really great idea to protect my information and to encrypt my files with your software. Thank you!

  • Rick T."Bad guys" broke into my car and stole my laptop, that was very BAD! The only good thing, that I was able to remotely erase all my work project files and my contacts using your program.
  • Alisa M. We had to lay off one of our employees due to bad market conditions and he did not return his computer. Your software worked really well and we at least removed all licensed software and business data from his PC invest in Litecoin.
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